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Third grade artists were visited by two experts to learn the ins and outs of Indian Rangoli.  These radial designs are created daily outside of homes to welcome a new day, celebrate a significant event or holiday.  The intricate details are temporary artworks made using a fine rice flour dyed using natural dyes for vibrant colours or left white for contrast on the red dirt canvas.  As in Hindi beliefs, the art is meant to welcome all walks of life including ants so no chemicals are used.  Traditionally, women of the house create these daily artworks early in the morning, before the rest of the family awakes.  Throughout the day it is destroyed due to coming and going of visitors and weather. Not to worry, a new design is created the very next morning.

Our visitors shared a story of Rangoli with students and then taught them different techniques for applying the rice flour in detailed formation.  Students then got the chance to experiment with coloured sand and use some of the stencils our experts use on their own designs.  

To make a more permanent artwork, students used glue to design their Rangoli and add the coloured sand.  A continuation of our radial unit, students incorporated elements of weaving, circular design and Indian Rangoli to create these masterpieces. 
<![CDATA[Yearbook cover design contest!]]>Sat, 06 Feb 2016 06:15:16 GMThttp://www.jessejarmanart.com/blog/yearbook-cover-design-contest]]><![CDATA[Art Competition using iPad's Book Creator ]]>Sun, 13 Dec 2015 08:04:38 GMThttp://www.jessejarmanart.com/blog/art-competition-using-ipads-book-creatorThis contest deadline is 31 March 2016 but don't delay! All ISB entries must be submitted to me for official entry. 

More info: http://www.redjumper.net/bookcreator/comics/
<![CDATA[What we're working on...Yearbook]]>Tue, 08 Dec 2015 10:57:00 GMThttp://www.jessejarmanart.com/blog/what-were-working-onyearbookThis year, myself and our super UES Ed Tech Facilitator have teamed up to sponsor the Elementary yearbook.  With the help of 13 UES students, we have started an ASA to get things rolling.  In just two weeks students have written our yearbook ladder (plan) and dove into research.  By looking at past yearbooks the ASA team has determined which elements to keep and take away, and what they would like to add.   This week ISB's very own photographer, Abel Blanco,  http://abelblanco.com/ gave students a workshop on how to use digital cameras and take the best photo for publication.  He covered everything from camera basics to the rule of thirds and aspect ratio.  We are excited to see their photo skills and the addition of student photography in the yearbook this year.  Stay tuned...!
<![CDATA[All finished...Story Weavings!]]>Thu, 22 Oct 2015 07:13:51 GMThttp://www.jessejarmanart.com/blog/all-finishedstory-weavingsThe grade 4 story weavings wrapped up this week just in time for parent conferences.  The detail and time spent on this project was immense but these fourth graders stepped up to the challenge!  We picked fallen sticks from the outdoor learning environment to be our display support.  After some embellishments and final tying they were ready to hang alongside the story/plans.   More examples of student work in the Student Gallery.
<![CDATA[ARARTE Conference in Chiang Mai!]]>Mon, 21 Sep 2015 05:29:19 GMThttp://www.jessejarmanart.com/blog/ararte-presentation-in-chiang-maiHigh School Art teacher, Aimee Zvinakis and I presented a workshop at this year's ARARTE (Asia Region Art Educators http://ararte.ning.com/) conference at Prem International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Our workshop was a sharing of our time with Artist in Residence, Danny Gregory.  The results and participation were fantastic.  To view the presentation prezi click here: http://prezi.com/bdz2iiv0irbc/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy or sign up for a six week course with Danny and friends: http://www.sketchbookskool.com/

Process & Product: Exploring the Balance Between Art & Craft in the Classroom
Besides presenting, I had the privilege of attending a workshop on kinetic art by SIS Art teacher, Britt McCrea.  We each got to attempt symmetrical drawing in the style of Heather Hansen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpOCCQnSyog, an absolute highlight of the weekend!  Nicky Cases, HS Art teacher from Hong Kong, facilitated a 3D sculpture project, looking at using card to transform 2D designs into 3D works.  We also paid a visit to a local Thai artist home and another artist's gallery space where he led a stenciling workshop.  It was a packed weekend of PD, collaboration and serenity in Chiang Mai.  Now to bring some of the magic back to ISB...!
Video by Kelly McFadzen at Singapore American School, thanks Kelly!
<![CDATA[What we're working on...'Artify' in the Garden]]>Sun, 13 Sep 2015 02:55:58 GMThttp://www.jessejarmanart.com/blog/artify-ing-the-gardenPicturePow Wow Hawaii mural in Honolulu
Today third graders began to Artify the garden planter boxes!  Inspired by the public art group, Pow Wow Hawaii. Using Line and Shape each student chose which design they would like to add to the box.  First, using a damp rag we cleaned the working area.  Next, marked the line or shape using chalk.  Finally, using acrylic the paint is applied.  After all third grade and fourth grade artists have a chance to contribute to our garden boxes, an acrylic medium will be painted on top to seal.  Finished photos to come....

Paint station
Painting over the Chalk
Weaving while waiting for their turn to paint
<![CDATA[What we're working on...Story Weaving in Grade 4]]>Mon, 31 Aug 2015 04:06:40 GMThttp://www.jessejarmanart.com/blog/story-weaving-in-grade-4PictureSketchbook Plan (teacher example)
Grade 4's contribution to our K-5 Artify installation is a weaving based on a personal story.  This story is written based on a real-life experience or completely made up.  From there, colours are assigned to the main ideas of the story, between 4-6.  There is no wrong or right way to assign the colours, the artist decides which colours work best to represent the story's main ideas.  

From there, the colours are arranged into a weaving plan. The plan can include shapes or simply sections of colour in stripes.  For an added challenge, students can take on more complex shapes and weaving patterns.  

PictureWeaving pattern map

After finalizing a weaving pattern, students transfer the drawing onto a pre-made cardboard loom.  This drawing will act as the weaving map.  

PictureWarp strings

After the weaving map is completed, the warp strings can be added.  These pre-made looms are great for this age group because they don't require a lot of finger strength and strings stay in place very well.  

Now start weaving! Under-Over-Under-Over....

As the project is completed I will share the finished products alongside their plans.  Stay tuned!

Picturepdf download!

Simple weaving vocabulary guide, download the pdf on the Teacher Resources tab! 

Project inspired by http://newcityarts.blogspot.com/2011/11/third-grade-weaving-part-1.html

<![CDATA[Starting the year with a strong foundation]]>Fri, 21 Aug 2015 01:39:43 GMThttp://www.jessejarmanart.com/blog/starting-the-year-with-a-strong-foundationPictureThe 7 Elements of Art illustrated
For the past two years here at ISB, the Elementary Visual Arts program has collaborated across grade levels on one large installation project at the start of the school year.  It helps to build community and start every ES student on a focused start in their new grade level.  Two years ago our installation theme was 'Water' and used a lot of Artist in Residence, Ann Weber's cardboard sculpture techniques.  Last year, the theme was 'Sketchbook School' drawing inspiration from Artist in Residence, Danny Gregory.  This year our theme is 'Artify!', start with something ordinary and transform it into an artwork.  With each changing theme the basis of our installation is also an introduction/review of the Elements of Art.  Students begin the year learning of the seven elements: Line, Shape, Colour, Value, Space, Form & Texture.  This year, fifth graders created a collaborative visual to demonstrate their knowledge and help other UES artists learn through student-created visuals.

PictureG5 collaboration at work
UES students will tackle our Artify! theme through weaving, yarn bombing and mural painting.  Stay tuned to our twitter @jessejarmanart for all the latest updates.  Grade 5 is collaboratively brainstorming via padlet, which you can see here: http://padlet.com/art_jbradley/grade5artify

<![CDATA[Beijing Being]]>Sat, 15 Aug 2015 21:26:02 GMThttp://www.jessejarmanart.com/blog/beijing-beingAustralian director and Beijing expat, Emjaay has made her  debut with the entirely independent film, Beijing Being.  Filming started in summer 2013 and was funded through a kickstarter campaign.  Two years of hard work has paid off.  The film has recently been accepted to the Montreal International Film Festival and New York Independent Film Festivals!  This weekend she previewed the film for a lucky Beijing crowd to help raise money to fund her trip to North America.  The party was a great turn out and brought in enough money to send her with the film to Montreal at the end of the month! Emjaay is an incredible example of pursuing an idea and taking it beyond all expectations.  I am excited to watch her artistic talent grow!  The world needs more 'do-ers' like Emjaay. 

For more information regarding the film click here: http://www.beijingbeing.com/ 
To view the trailer: https://youtu.be/8rzlDrxPDMg
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/752695798/beijing-being-feature-film